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RTS Weather Station News

Recent Thunderstorm Rattles Island
An intense thunderstorm on January 30th produced a noteworthy display of lightning bolts and audible thunder during the afternoon hours. - Click here for the full article.

The Hunt for Wet October
As residents of Kwajalein may have noticed, this past October was a little rainy. - Click here for the full article.

New RTS Weather Station Web Site Products
New products on the RTS-WX website - Click here for the full article.

Lightning Safety
Let's talk lightning safety - Click here for the full article.

DO a Step Offshore
RTS Weather Station Operation Evolution - Click here for the full article.

2009 Almanac Data Posted
The Kwajalein Atoll tide, sun rise/set, and moon rise/set tables for 2009 are now available on this web site. Click here to jump to the page with the almanac data.

Up, Up, and... Weather!
Chances are, if you've been anywhere near the golf course on Kwajalein at about 11:00 A.M., you've likely seen a large white balloon gently floating away into the sky. No, the weather folks aren't playing with balloons; they are collecting upper air weather data.Full Article.

Four Inch Rain - July 23, 2008
Wettest Day since 2005 Brings Drought Relief, Downs Trees. Full Article.

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