KPOL Information

85.1 °F / 29.5 °C
ENE at 14 MPH
75.7°F / 24.3 °C
29.79" (1008 mb)
10 mile(s)
partly cloudy
2019.12.09 0540 UTC

KPOL Information

Kwajalein Polarimetric S-band Weather Radar (KPOL)

The KPOL is a dual-polarized, simultaneous transmit and receive capable system used to detect, analyze, and record precipitating weather systems. The height, distance, intensity, and course of echo returns can be established when tracking storms and precipitation.

A Sigmet, Inc. RVP-8 Digital Signal Processor and Radar Control Processor (RCP-8) combination is used to control radar scans so that plan position indicator (PPI), range height indicator (RHI), volume, and sector scans can be performed on demand.

Meteorological products derived from KPOL scans include reflectivity, differential reflectivity (ZDR), propagation differential phase (PhiDP), specific propagation differential phase (KDP), correlation coefficient (RhoHV), rainfall rate, rainfall accumulation, radial velocity, velocity volume processing (VVP) wind fields, Doppler spectrum width, echo tops, volume integrated liquid (VIL), and other parameters.

Operating Frequency Range:
2700 - 2900 MHz
Current Configuration:
2800 MHz
Operating Wavelength Range:
10.34 - 11.11 cm
Current Configuration:
10.71 cm
Pulse Repetition Frequency:
396 Hz / 960 Hz
Effective Range - Approx:
450 km
Current Configuration:
378 km @ PRF=396 Hz
156 km @ PRF=960 Hz
Peak Power:
500 kW (59.7 dBm)
1.1" (Horizontal and Vertical)